what's a therac?

Admit it. The curiosity is killing you. By now, you must be asking this question. Here's the short answer: therac is an abbreviation for THErapeutic RAdiation Computer. Tragically, due to a software bug, it led to the the deaths of four people. To learn more about the therac-25 incidents, and why I chose therac25 for my domain name, read the "about" section.

what you'll find here...

therac25.net is home to several web sites both commercial and personal. It is home to my personal ramblings on technology and society as well as some friends and their personal content. You will also find a few sites that represent other creative outlets.

To the best of my modest ability, the sites here adhere to web standards. If you'd like to learn more about why that's a Good Thing©, browse on over to visit the stalwart web designers at A List Apart. You *will* learn something cool.

new stuff

  • 09-01-2005: wrote a droplet that creates an ISO image out of a folder (MacOS X).
  • 07-29-2004: added a projects page.
  • 07-13-2004: moved my blog to WordPress
  • 03-12-2004: "about" page completed
  • 02-10-2004: a new entry in removable media entitled "rifts" - it's actually content from my old site