PHY Vendor Finder

One day, on my bus ride home from work, I thought it might be mildly amusing to see how many Wifi networks there were on the route home. on a 40 min bus ride, I picked up 230 SSIDs. I was surprised. So, once I scanned them, I was curious about the vendors, since I like to know what people are running. Most of them were obvious, with SSIDs like "NETGEAR" or "linksys". Others, however were non-obvious. The IEEE publishes the OUI for every vendor (the first 3 bytes of the MAC address), so doing a lookup should be a breeze, right?

So, I set to work, deciding to write the program in Perl. After I got most of the guts working, I noticed that there was a Perl Module available that provided lookup functions. Oh well, it was fun to get working anyway! My next thought is to rewrite the code in Ruby. I also was thinking of making this a RESTful web service. Wouldn't that be all web 0.9 of me?

the source code is on googlecode.